Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Hi People

Seems that the Usual Suspects haven't been looking at the videos placed on my previous blog eh Mr. Evans not by the number of hits so far this week. Here we go with another Cardiff County Council Rent Review Survey. You will see what I think of it here:

Now I presume that Councils across the UK who have not already transferred their housing stock into Housing Association Ownership have been pretty much doing what Cardiff County Council has in the past with their Rent Revenue Accounts and make pretended they have been paying £30 million in rent rebates when in fact the money has come via Central Government. That they are now showing it in their General Fund is another Fraud that should be stopped. It would mean that if they have been able to run their Housing Stock with a £30 million deficit then the rent could be drastically reduced once Transfer To Housing Association took place.

To remind everyone I'll place the video of their Rent Revenue Account here:

Plus to remind you all of the kind of figures that we are talking about here is a copy of last year video and the Shameless Daily Express Article:

So Mr. Cameron Everyone can we have a Public Inquiry into the manner that Councils have been allowed to keep their Housing Revenue Accounts, and can we have all Council Housing Stock in the UK transferred into Housing Association Ownership and have the rents reduced by up to 50% or more depending on the base line figures that they have been able to run them on with the likes of the £30 million in rent rebates that Cardiff County Council have been claiming?


That should have been the headline of the blog but limitations on characters allowed by blogger stopped it. You have to ask then if the figures for Housing Benefit payments are just a fiction dreamed up by Central Government if they know that Council have been claiming to pay it themselves? If its all just a paper exercise and there has been no real payment of funds? Or that Council have been ripping off the system for years. How then does this affect the deficit they claim the Country is in debt for? When Billions could be wiped off by a simple thing as calling all Council Housing Stock Housing Asociations and re-adjusting the rent levels to reflect the new accounting method?

You and I are less because of this, yet nobody it would seem other than me cares. Our Social Housing if this Fraud had not been perpetrated all these years could have been the envy of the world, and it is really a failure in the duty of care that Councils have not been recommending to their tenants that they Transfer to Housing Association Ownership so that their full rent payments via Housing Benefit were reflected in the Accounts. It would be nice if the New Housing Association this blog recommends be created were owned by all the tenants as well Prime Minister, with control over who they employ to run them.

That is enough from me today. It looks very much as if the Usual Suspects are just putting my emails that include these blogs into their junk mail or not viewing the videos placed on them at their own convenience but I might open up a new hotmail account to by pass that.

By the way I notice that Central Government are rolling out a National Social Housing Swop Database, you will find that this has been another recommendation by me, but will you get any Kudos for it Crazydave, Oh I don't think so.

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All the best in this instance its Decent Housing for all

Hi People updating the 14th Aug 2010

Seems like I posted the wrong SHAMELESS DAILY EXPRESS video up, but they both point out that its CENTRAL GOVERNMENT that pays Housing Benefit and not as the County Councils accounts would like to make pretend that its them.

Funny how all the News Media is fighting shy of exposing the SCAM the Council has going isn't it? Why Why oh Why? You would think that people in the Media don't have children paying over the odds in private landlord accommodation wouldn'tcha Crazydave? You sure would, or else they would be exposing this SCAM, but oh no total silence.

But this past week the Government passed a law that Council can sell electricity to the National Grid DOES THAT MEAN THEY ARE LIKELY TO START INTRODUCING WATER WHEELS CRAZYDAVE? Betcha ass it does! But will ole Crazydave get any Kudos for pushing that not if the BBC on Any Questions make pretend like water wheel technology for producing electrical energy does not exist it won't.

By the By my MP Mr. Jonathan Evans hasn't responded to this or the previous blog/letter I have chased him up to ask if hes gonna send a Freedom of Information Request to the Council regarding the General Fund and Transfer of Council Stock but I guess that I will end up doing it myself.

All the best People.